Top 8 Must have Smart Pet Products

Top 8 Must Have Smart Pet Products 

8 LED Smart Ball

Kittens are born curious and energetic. They love to play games and their animal instincts have them chasing things all the Time. These Led Smart Ball toys for pets keep your pet busy for hours.  Pet interactive games can also increase the intimacy between pets and the owner and ease the anxiety of pets. They love to hunt and this kicks them into hunting mode immediately.  Downside to this is your cat will probably have so much fun with it that it will be too busy playing to catch any mice.

Aus Pet Accessories Smart Cat LED Ball USB Electric Glow Ball

7 Wicked Bone

Better than a real bone that quickly evaporate in a dog's mouth and often cause gastric problems and one big mess, without offering any interaction or playing opportunities.  Wickedbone, a bone-shaped interactive gaming device that performs like a truly smart, fun and excitingly wicked companion for your dog provides a safe and fun way to keep your do playful and interactive for all the time you want.
The autoplay mode will move around on it’s own in a random pattern. The doggie toy is programmed to detect the “emotional” category of your dog’s behavior and react to it. The Wickedbone interprets if your dog is acting content, bored, mischevious, startled, etc. and then acts accordingly. The autoplay mode is a great option if you’re trying to make dinner, watch a movie, or have a conversation with a guest and the dog won’t leave you alone. It’s also a great option for distracting your dog when someone comes to the door.
The Drive mode is a lot more fun for both owner and pet. In this mode, you can move the robotic dog bone toy around the floor using the controls in the mobile app. It’s a bit like playing a video game except the playing “screen” is your live three dimensional dog. We must admit, it is totally addictive.
Aus Pet Accessories Wicked Bone Smart Pet Toy Dog Cat

6 Cat Auto Laser

Cat auto lasers are just fun, most of us cat owners have had a lot of fun playing with lasers and watching our fury friend jump around chasing it.

They are perhaps the favourite, most maddening of all cat toys. Cats love chasing the laser dot up the wall, across the floor, and even onto the dog.

Laser pointers are useful for exercising cats and letting them use their natural prey drive to “hunt” the little red dot.

Aus Pet Accessories Smart Cat Automatic Laser Toy


5 GPS Pet Tracker

Ever lost your pet and became frantic not knowing where he was?

at some point in time it’s happened to the best of us.  GPS smart trackers allow you to jump on your phone, open an app and find them immediately....why didn’t we get one sooner??

Aus Pet Accessories Smart Pet Cat Dog GPS Collar

4 Pet Water Fountain

We know pet water fountains have been around for some time, but we’d never really stopped to consider the health benefits (and potential risks!) that the different models really offered.

I believe they all offer the best value for money as they all serve the same purpose.  Imagine a stinking hot day and your boss throws a bottle of hot smelly water for you to drink.

It’s one of our absolute favourites.

Aus Pet Accessories Smart Pet Cat Dog Water Fountain Feeder Fresh

3 Pet Smart Bowl

Smart Bowl have Revolutionised the way you feed your furry pals with the with In-Built Scale. Intuitive and easy-to-use, the smart bowl accurately measures food quantities and provides essential information like diet advices, pet eating patterns, and abnormal behaviour alerts.

You can’t get it wrong with smart bowls, guessing about a handful and a half is not how it’s done these days.

Aus Pet Accessories smart pet Cat Dog Bowl Fresh Cat Dog Food

2 Doggy Nanny Cam / treat Dispenser

Pet cameras can help ease your separation anxiety and keep an eye on your furry friends while you're away.

Treat-dispensing cameras are a great way to interact with your dog and give her a little love when you are away.

While an electronic display and treat slinger will never replace in-person attention, these tools can help keep you and your dog happier while you are separated!

Furbo is ranked number 1 here but there are many others out there that do the same job for a bit less $.

Aus Pet Accessories cheap Furbo Sale Low Price

Aus Pet Accessories Pet Cat Dog Treat Dispenser Pet Nanny Cam Video Camera

1 Automatic Pet Feeder

Automatic pet feeders are an excellent option for those whose pet companions are on a weight loss program and need to watch their portions. It is also suited for those who have a special diet or need to eat at set intervals, as they can be programmed to dispense multiple daily meals.

if your a busy pet owner or maybe a bit forgetful these are great to ensure your pet is fed properly each day.

Automatic pet feeders dispense your dog or cats food ... easy to set up and clean, and make it an excellent choice for smart dog owners.

They are great for a weekend away and ensuring you dog or cats is properly nourished, the best thing about these though is the camera, you can see if your pet is eating or going along about their business ok while your away or at work, just get on your phone call up your pet with the vice control and check on them when you like, talk to them while they are eating like your actually there.

 Smart Pet Feeder Aus Pet Accessories Cat Dog Sale Cheap Quality High Fresh Food


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