Must Have Pet Products For 2020

Pet Tee Pee

Pet Tee Pee - Aus Pet Accessories

New to the scene are Pet Tee Pee's - Why are they a must have? They are so cute and serve many purposes.  They are great for a dog or cat who needs a bit of alone time.  We have one in our house and when the kids are getting too loud or our dog Oscar just wants some time alone he pops into his tee pee and has a snooze or a chew oh his favourite toy.

They also look great in the house, with plenty of varieties to choose from you can match them in with your furniture.  We often get comments about how nice it looks and people are genuinely surprised when they realise it is for our dog.

The Pet Tee Pee also comes with a nice comfortable bed inside so they are designed for comfort and home aesthetics.

Find Your Pet Tee Pee Here

Luxury Dog Beds

Luxury Dog Bed - Aus Pet Accessories

Gone are the days for most when the cheap tacky $20 K-Mart dog bed was purchased and thrown in the corner of the lounge room only to be chewed into pieces because it was made cheap materials. People are more and more looking at integrating their pet accessories into their beautifully designed homes and ensuring that everything matches and seamlessly flows into each and every room.  And why not I say.  You have a great looking home, why drag it down that with an ugly dog bed.

Find a Luxury Dog Bed For Your Furbaby

Smart Pet Products

Furbo - Aus Pet Accessories

As time goes by things change they get better and smarter and more efficient.  This is also the case with pet products.  With the pet scene being revolutionised with monitoring cameras, treat dispensers and automatic feeders.  I for one won't be left behind, these things are exciting, who wouldn't want to check up and have a chat to their pet and pop them a treat while your having a crappy day at work.  Its sure to brighten up your day as well as theirs.  Don't forget the automatic feeders, how did we live without them.  Going away for a few days? set it and forget it or feed them from the app on your phone when you need to.

Find your new smart pet products here

Designer Collars & Leads

Designer Dog Collar & Bow Tie - Aus Pet Accessories

More & more pet Instagram accounts get opened each day and then begins the challenge of promoting your pet as you already know "the Cutest" "The Best".  How do we get that edge over all of the other gorgeous pets? We dress them for success.  You can't go  wrong with a cute bow tie if your after a few likes and followers.

It also gives your pet confidence, because of all of the extra attention they get.  Picture it, walking down the main st of your town with your puppy looking like he just stepped out of doggie Armani.

Luxury Dog Leads


Luxury Dog Leash - Aus Pet Accessories

Just like the designer and luxury products above, we like like to look good, you want to ensure the material is durable and you want to make sure the connections are well-made and secure. It can get expensive but it's worth not having to run back to the local servo every two weeks when your leash has started to fray.

We as pet owners are getting more and more in depth with our pets and truly want the best for them and for us.

Find our Luxury Dog Leashes here

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